Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Odd Couple

A glimpse into our first 24 hours of vacation.

The drive
  • out the door, in the car, on the road by 8:30am
  • first stop? 9:30am. agenda? pee and get snacks/drinks. Megan gets a 12 oz. V8 fusion drink. Matt gets wasabi peas and a diet Coke.
  • 10am. Megan is already cursing the fact that she drank a 12 oz. ANYTHING. have to pee. Honey????
  • 10:30am. stop to pee. Thanks, honey!
  • noonish time. Panera bread. Matt gets PB&J and chicken noodle soup. Megan gets a tuna sandwich. Back on the road in no time.
  • 3pm. ALMOST (and I mean within a mile) to our destination! But, we need to stop so Matt can participate in his month-end wrap up conference call because nothing says vacation like a little work!
  • 3:15pm. Matt's part is over. Call on mute. Continue to destination.

  • Destination - B&B
  • Meet up with the inlaws. Mother in law says I am not as big as she thought I would be. Father in law says I look pretty pregnant. Guess we will stay!
  • No more need to track time. We are on vacation.
  • Sit on deck overlooking river water that rises and falls with the tide twice a day. Call still on mute.
  • Call ends sometime this century. Matt can talk to his parents without background drivel.
  • Meet owners of B&B. Meet others staying at B&B. HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (Doesn't anyone notice the starving pregnant woman in the corner with an evil hunger in her eyes? Oh wait, her husband does!!!)

  • Food
  • cruise over to Noonan's for lobster.
  • Megan gets lobster salad. Matt gets TWO 1.25 pound Maine lobster. Who is eating for two??? hmmmm.
  • Ben and Jerry's is closed. Bastards! So are the other ice cream shops in town. Co-horts of Bastards! Ahhh...little general store is open and sells ice cream!
  • Megan gets Maine Tracks ice cream. Matt gets his old standby...plain chocolate.
  • Hunger has been satiated, then beaten with a huge stick, and finally buried somewhere in the proverbial yard of the B&B. ahhhhh!

  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Mother in law reads.
  • Father in law and Matt play gin. Matt beats up on father in law quite handily. My hero!
  • Megan plays on computer. Addict? Nahhhhh.

  • Bedtime
  • Matt and Megan cozy into the queen (where is our huge King size bed like at home?) bed.
  • Feels like third person in bed with us given pregnancy pillows. Sure husband is amused!
  • Matt turns on TV. Ghostbusters is on! Fun!
  • Mandatory channel changing and program searching begins.
  • Wait, honey...that is "The Little Couple" on TLC. Good show.
  • Matt grunts. Channel changing resumes.
  • Nothing is on, so Matt enables the remote to switch between ABC and TLC (wife wins!)
  • Matt groans. "...we're watching midgets while we are in too small of a bed on our vacation...ridiculous"
  • Megan laughs. "...this is ridiculous...and, they like to be called 'little people'..."
  • End of episode. Permission to change to ABC.
  • Megan realizes this is the Bob Woodruff special about the year 2100. "Honey, nobody likes to watch pessimistic futuristic stupid cartoons while on vacation."
  • Back to the already in progress next episode of the midgets. Doctor little person is conducting a seminar on medical simulation using a pregnant mannequin in the birthing / after birthing process.
  • Matt says, "...know what I would like to see? the mannequin pushing the baby out her butt." (cockeyed grin inserted here)
  • Megan says,"OMG...well, the LAST thing I would want to do is push a baby out my butt. and, not very realistic!"
  • Matt says, "...well, it would make for a good SIMULATION!"
  • Megan chokes on laughter, "...ok, so doctors need to be prepared because women could someday possibly be crapping out babies?"
  • Matt thinks and says, "maybe!"
  • Yes...this is what WE do on vacation.

  • Sleep or something like that
  • 1:38am (time in the middle of the night is always important. not sure why, but it IS, damn it!) pregnant chick must uncomfortably roll out of bed to pee AGAIN.
  • 6:22am. We are up. (Really???) Matt goes for run. Megan blogs.

  • So, this is a day in the life. Scared? Jealous? A little of both? Understandable. But, I do love our life, and I do love my husband for always making me laugh and for being just as weird as home...on vacation...or wherever we are at. A beautiful thing, indeed.


    Megan P said...

    sounds exactly like a vacation for my husband and I! Somehow it's just cooler for everyday events to happen somewhere else, huh?

    You look beatiful at 28 weeks! I will be posting my 28 week pics tonight! I am not brave enough to do bare belly shots.

    Catherine Gignac said...

    I can see all the reading and the gin-playing now. Tell my grands I miss them. xoxo

    M and M: said...

    Catherine - they will be at our house this weekend, so I will tell them you said hello and that you miss them! - Aunt Megan

    M and M: said...

    Megan P. - thanks! It doesn't take bravery to post my bare belly photos, though...just stupidity, I think. ha! I have no pride! I have no shame! Someone should try to help me! ; ) - Megan R.