Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hospital Blues...

Well, life throws you curveballs when you least expect them. At least that is the case with me. And, we already chatted about my relationship with Murphy and his stinkin' no use dwelling on that one, either.

I am in the hospital. I went in to the OB's office on Tuesday because I had been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions over the weekend. I would get temporary relief, but there were a lot of times when they would be coming in regular patterns every 1 to 5 minutes for over an hour or two. They wanted to see me, just in case, and do a non-stress test. No big deal. Finnley passed the test without issue. She is a trouper! I then met with the nurse. She, after hearing about the continued contractions, decided to do an internal exam. She "thought" that I had dilated to 2 to 3 cm, which would have been a one to two centimeter change since I had left the hospital. So...she called the OB and nurses on duty at the hospital, and they all agreed I should go over to triage to be montiored / evaluated. So, I did. The doc on duty agreed that I was dialted to 2 to 3 cm. They admitted me. Again. Uggh!

I was put on procardia to diminish contractions. I was also being administered terbutaline injections to stop stronger contractual patterns that broke through the other meds (which happened once a day and once a night, it seems). I was also given the steroid injections to help the baby's lung's mature IN CASE I go into active labor sooner rather than later. The goal was to at least get me the two injections and then move 24 hours beyond that point. That will be at 3:30pm today. Almost there!

At this point, I have dilated to closer to 4 centimeter...still NOT being in active labor. Given Finnley is not going to move from the Frank Breech position (her bottom is sitting way too low for her to be able to move), they feel I am too high risk to send home. I will be in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy, basically on bed rest. They will not stop active labor if it happens at this point, they will just take me in for a C-section immediately. If I DON'T go into active labor, then they will do the C-section at 37 weeks regardless. They will not let "us" go beyond that point. So, I could be in the hospital for up to 3 weeks prior to having this little miracle.

Not happy about that.

Miss my husband.

Miss my dog.

Keeping my eye on the prize, though...and since I can't fight the doctors...I guess I just have to make the "best of it". Whatever that might be.

No more belly photo updates. So sorry!!!

Stay tuned for everything else, though...enjoy the ride!


Kathleen North said...

Just found your blog through Becoming Sarah. Good luck with everything! You have the right mindset: eye on the prize. Take this time to do everything you can't do when you're working or chasing a kiddo! Read, watch movies/shows, sleep. Good luck!

M and M: said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kathleen...and thanks for the comment. Not much else I can do in this situation but wait for the reward at the end. Not easy, but somehow I will get through. Mostly with a lot of humor and sarcasm. Might as well hone those skills while I am here with a new "audience" every day! ; )
- Megan R.

Lowry said...

wow 4cm. So when do they consider it active labor?

M and M: said...

Yeah, close to 4 cm was the last internal. Active labor is when they can't stop the contractions or if my water breaks. Or...I guess if I dilate enough, although I don't know what "enough" would be in there book. Really the contractions and water breaking would be the biggest factors, I guess. We will see as it all plays out. Contractions are under control for the most part so far today, but I always have "fits" at least twice a day. I expect one again later or overnight. Just the way I roll! - megs

Rachel said...

You are sadly following in my footsteps with the end of your pregnancy, Megan, but the outcome will be great! I had Jack at 35 weeks by emergency c and then Lila at 37 weeks by emergency c...and they are both just great (as am I).

Are you at Virtua Voorhees? I pass right by taking the kids to/from school and would love to stop by and bring you something to read or eat (or both) :) What are your favorite trashy celeb mags? Have you read the Twilight series yet?


M and M: said...

Rachel - see...I just knew I wanted to be like you!!! I am fine with her coming early at this point. I am not ok with the prospect of potentially being on bedrest at the hospital for up to three weeks, though. Oh well.

Sadly, I have already read the Twilight series...because that could have killed some time for sure! Feel free to stop by. I love trash mags of any kind...whatever. I have one book to read and Matt brought over a few DVDs for me to watch on my laptop. Every little bit helps!

And, Virtua West Jersey - Voorhees. Cream of the crop!

Thanks again Rachel! - Megan

Rachel said...

How about Jennifer Weiner- she's a local Philly author and wites excellent, mindless girlie stuff! I think I have most of her books if you haven't read them yet?

I know it sounds crazy, but this really may be the LAST time you ever lay quietly, caring for no one but yourself. Try to take in these last few precious days/weeks before you turn your days, nights and everything in between over to this new little being. I definitely didn't appreciate my bedrest days enough- now I spend my "free" time trying to find a way back into a hospital bed- or even jail cell cot- so I can get 30 seconds of uninterrupted rest :)

Be well! -Rachel

M and M: said...

Rachel - I have heard of that author...just don't recall if I have read anything of hers or not. Mindless girly reads sound perfect for the hospital! I am open to that for sure.

And, I do not mind the "alone / free time"...I just would prefer it to be at HOME! Oh aren't too open to suggestions at this point. Imagine that!

Thanks again! - Megan