Sunday, July 19, 2009

What day is this???

Really gets hard to tell when every day seems like the exact same one being lived over and over again. Such mundane routines that pass by over the course of 24 hours...the days just start to blend. Such is life in hospital prison, I guess.

I am pretty sure it is Sunday, so that much is good. For whatever reason. Not a whole lot has changed in the past few days. I have been on oral meds for contractions, but I have continued to have "breakthrough" episodes of contractions in pretty good patterns, so I also continued receiving injections of terbutaline (brethine) to stop them. Due to the fact that these episodes started coming more regularly, the docs have now put me on an oral dose of terbutaline so that I don't have to keep having shots, and so that they don't have to keep "chasing" the contractions.

Terbutaline is the devil. I must note this. It makes you feel like you drank a whole pot of coffee, when you normally consume no caffeine. Shakes, tremors, shortness of breath, rapid talking, etc. Not a good time! The doc agreed to lower me to the lowest dose possible to see if it would still be effective. Any relief I can get from feeling "freaky" is so worth it. Seems to be a bit better already, and only very random contractions today. No patterns! Yay!

They feel every day that Finnley stays in utero is a victory. I will continue to be on all meds until 36 weeks. That is another week and a half from now. If I do go into active labor that cannot be stopped, if I dilate to 5 or more centimeters, or if my membranes rupture...regardless of how far along I am, I will be "delivered" immediately. If none of those things happen, we will just wait and see what happens after 36 weeks. So, potentially going to be a long road here.

Right now I have had no further cervical changes, so the docs are happy. I remain at 3 to 4 cm (depending on the doc and the "fingers" being used...doc's words, not mine!).

The hospital is a bore. I am back to having a single room for the moment, and I suppose that really is a highlight. I feel much more sane not having to share like a college freshman in the dorms. Privacy is so taken for granted by most people!

For a sample of my day, peruse here:
4am - nurse wakes me up for oral terbutaline / vitals
6am - nurse wakes me up for oral procardia / vitals
7am - nurse shift change takes place
morning - monitoring of baby and myself takes place (fetal HR, contractions, etc)
8am - room service calls for me to order breakfast
9am - breakfast
10am - another dose of oral terbutaline / vitals
11am or after - on varying days...shower time or sink bath time / pretty self for day
11:30am - room service calls for me to order lunch
12pm - another dose of oral procardia / vitals
12:30pm - eat lunch
afternoon - try not to die of boredom (internet, reading, movies, TV, whatever)
4pm - another dose of oral terbutaline / vitals
4:30pm - room service calls for dinner order
5:30pm - dinner time
6pm - another dose of oral procardia / vitals
7pm - nurse shift change
evening - another hour on the monitors for baby HR / contractions / etc
evening - still trying not to die of boredom
10pm - another dose of oral terbutaline / vitals
12pm - nurse wakes me up to give me dose of oral procardia



Jaye @ said...

Oh, I know it must be tough but hang in there. Try and make the most of every conversation you have, no matter how small. Thinking of you, and hoping you keep your spirits up :)

The Marshalls said...

I'm sure it is difficult but it is all so worth it in the end. You could try to learn how to knit like I Hoping for a speedy next week or two for you!!!

M and M: said...

Thanks for the comments...still hanging in there and just trying to remain positive and keep perspective. Can't wait until I am holding the "prize" at the end of this!

Megan P said...

The prize will hopefuly make all of this feel like a bad dream you never had!!!

Rachel said...

I remember the feeling all too well. I always reminded myself that the baby and I were in the safest placest possible should anything go awry.

I'm still coming to see you- already pulled out some books and got some magazines. Any favorite snacks (although if you haven't been told by now- there is a "help your self" kitchen on the 4th floor with cookies, juice and snacks galore)? Does Wed morn work for you? I have an appt at Virtua at 9am and could come up afterwards.


M and M: said...

Rachel - you are too sweet. Wednesday morning is just fine. My schedule is pretty wide open these days!

Sadly, I am not "allowed" to leave the floor or anything...not on my own at least. Easier to just ask the nurse or MST to bring me a snack. I am allowed "bathroom privileges" only. Fun, huh?

Such is life. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday if you can make it! Thanks! - Megan

Rachel said...

Hit a road block this morning :( Came up to see you at 9:30am after my appt and they wouldn't let me in because visiting hours don't start until 11am :( I wasn't thinking fast enough when she asked if I was immediate family- otherwise we could have been "sisters" :) I'm going to try to head back over at 11am (lucky we live close by)- I have my babysitter until noon!

What room are you in?

M and M: said...

Rachel - sheesh! sorry about that! that was rude, huh? No need to head back over and make a special trip, but I will be here, regardless! I am in room 205W on the antepartum unit / second floor.