Friday, August 28, 2009

4 weeks old...tomorrow!

Can you belive it? Time has gone quickly and slowly all at the same time. Here is a quick update to let you know how things are going here:

  • Finnley is a beautiful baby girl and the love of our lives.
  • Poor Ms. Finn has reflux and has had some tough times. Spitting up huge amounts, discomfort that leads to colicky behavior, etc. So sad!
  • Given the reflux, we have to take "reflux precautions" with her daily: smaller more frequent meals, frequent burping during meals, 30 minutes of "vertical time" following meals, sleeping on an incline, etc.
  • Finnley was on Zantac. But...the Zantac often made her throw up. Kind of a moot point then, right? more Zantac for now.
  • Finn tolerates the formula better than the breastmilk. We have no idea why. So, for now...she is on formula 24/7. She is on Similac Sensitive RS which has added rice starch. It is supposed to make her feel fuller and help her keep more meals down. Only one big spit up in about 48 hours. Not too bad.
  • Sleep is a thing of the past, but she has some good nights. Last night she went almost 5 hours in a row! Woo hoo!
  • She has crazy long fingers. Not sure where they came from.
  • She has really strong legs. She likes to "climb" or push up off of your hands while laying on your chest. She puts herself almost into a standing position, albeit while supporting her body on ours.
  • She squeaks like a mouse. Seriously. Cutest damn thing ever!
  • She has gigantic blue eyes. I hope she keeps them!
  • She is putting on weight. She is at least 7 lbs. now. She goes in on September 8th for her 5 week checkup. Can't wait to see how she has grown by then. Hopefully close to 8 lbs. That would be awesome!
  • My breasts leak when they "hear" Finnley cry. The body is weird and amazing. I am not even breastfeeding right now, but they still know...
  • I am 4 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still wear maternity pants. The "uterus gut" is still in existence, and I still have a mild bit of swelling. One day I will wear real clothes again. Maybe.
  • I have managed to "cook" one meal since being home. Pasta. With red sauce. Wow...aren't I amazing?
  • I sometimes even manage to do some laundry. And I shower daily. The little things are now BIG THINGS. Trust me.
  • Finnley and I have managed a few solo outings. Well, not exactly solo. The dog did come with one time. We went to Target. We went to the bank and the pet store. Aren't we something?
  • I had two glasses of wine last night. Hallelujah!!!!

  • Not sure what else to say at this point. Each day is a challenge yet also a huge reward. Nothing like having my little peanut fall asleep on my chest after a meal...and breathe her hot and damp formula breath on my neck...and keep me all warm. I cherish those moments.

    The pics were both taken today. Once while all dressed up for the day. Once after spitting up all over herself and, and outfit change was in order. Lounge clothes anyone?

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