Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Rock Star and The Opening Act

No, this post is not about concerts or music. It is about my breasts.

One is a superstar. A rock star. It is a grand producer and expresser. I can pump up to 3 ounces in 10 minutes or so. It is always a huge breast, and it is always uncomfortable.

The other is the equivalent of an opening act. It does its job. It isn't half bad. But, it cannot compete with the rock star. Nope...this one will never steal the show. It is usually about half the size of its "sister", and I can pump about 2 ounces from it in 10 minutes. Not nearly as efficient.

And, my daughter knows the difference. She fills quickly on one side and needs to take her time on the other.

Did I ever think I would be having this "conversation" about my breasts. Not really. Do I mind? Absolutely not.

Soon to be performing (possibly full time) on the big stage is Similac Sensitive RS formula. We have started to introduce it in the bottle. Finnley loved it. It took a bit to get comfortable with the bottle, but once she was going, she was a happy girl. And? She was extremely content afterward. No arching. No screaming. No crying. No signs of discomfort. That was the whole point of giving it a shot. The formula has rice cereal in it to help her keep the feedings down, and it is a sensitive formula that is designed to reduce "colic" and fussiness. Maybe we are on to something here? We can only hope.

So, the girls might be producing their final acts in the coming weeks. I am sure they will enjoy the rest of their stage time, although the weaning period means lots of pain and engorgement for mommy. I am sure we will all somehow survive.

The latest pics were taken last night of Finn with her daddy. She is in a "milk coma". Not sure what kind of coma daddy is in...probably just a basic sleep deprivation one.


Adrienne said...

ice packs for the engorgement pain! I don't think I will ever forget that pain. And stupid me applied HEAT. What did I know. Once I started using the ice it was alot better! I m glad the formula made such a difference right from the start!

M and M: said...

I will stay away from heat for sure! I am wearing a smaller / tighter sports bra for now and will bring out the ice as needed. Had hard lumps and hard boobs last night. Fun! And, I love when you are just standing in the bathroom waiting to get dressed after a shower...and your nipple just starts leaking. That is the best! ; ) Oh well. We will see how it goes. Going to wean over the course of a couple of weeks, so hopefully it isn't awful. I did buy Ace bandages, but it is hard to use them since I am still BFing most of the time. Down the road they will be strapped on for sure!