Saturday, February 06, 2010


Yep. Again. Another Nor'easter. Another two feet of snow. Another day filled with plowing, snowblowing, sitting in awe, cooking chili, reading Playboy while drinking a beer on the patio (for some), romping through huge snow drifts (for some others), having an all day fire, snapping picture after picture...and partaking in another day of firsts. Another day of firsts for Finn, that is.

Finnley got to go for her first ever sled ride! Riding all bundled up in her first ever snow suit. G-ma and G-pa bought her this fancy sled for Christmas after we had already had our first major storm. Winter storms aren't all that common here, so we weren't sure we would have the opportunity to use the sled this winter...but alas, I think we got the chance. A two foot chance. A two foot chance that was 20 hours in the making.

But that is ok, because I do love firsts. Getting a peek at Finn in her snow suit, I am sure you will love firsts, too.


Marla said...

She's adorable!

M and M: said...

Thanks, Marla! We definitely think so...but I think we have to, as her parents and all. Right? Nice to have someone else think she is adorable, too!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Megan

megan P said...

So fun!! I havent had a chance with Shiloh yet- We have only had 1 bigger storm up in RI. Wednesday looks ominous, though! Finn looks very very cute!!

M and M: said...

Megan - Hopefully Wednesday will provide you an opportunity to introduce Shiloh to some sledding! We are going to get hammered AGAIN! Another 18 to 24 inches coming our way. Nuts!!