Friday, February 05, 2010


Little Miss Independent. That is my girl. My big girl. Sitting up all by herself on the chair. With her big girl shoes on.

How is it that you change so much so fast? Slow down, wee one! Give Mommy-Lady a chance to keep up with you!

(BTW...this has to be one of my new absolute favorite pictures of Miss Finn...sweet sweet L.M.I.)


Anonymous said...

one word: Y-U-M!

Gena said...

My E is exactly one day older than Finnley !! And I haven't had the heart to put her big girl shoes on her yet because I'm all STOP GROWING UP and stay a baby please!

This pic is so adorable. Them blue eyes are probably gonna be trouble for you though... just FYI... :)

And in response to your BecomingSarah comment, YES, it really doesn't matter what the hubby does when he's carrying the baby in the carrier, just DO IT OFTEN lol.

M and M: said...

Gena - hey there...thanks for visiting! So, your E is only one day older than Finn? Fun! This is a great age, isn't it??? Loving it! Too funny about not being able to put E in her big girl shoes yet. ha!

And, I do know those blue eyes will be trouble. Daddy plans to carry a big stick...or gun...or whatever it takes to keep the boys away!!