Thursday, February 04, 2010

Laundry Basket

Use: to carry laundry with ease (clean or dirty) to one place or another.

Alternate use: to carry Finnley with ease (clean or dirty) from one place to another.

Yesterday I wanted to get the laundry basket downstairs. And, I also wanted to get Finnley downstairs. Easiest solution? Kill two birds with one stone and carry them both down together. So, I propped Finnley up on a wedge pillow, and off we went. She had a cockeyed grin on her face the whole ridiculous ride. She also was enjoying the basket so much once we got to the living room that I just left her play in it for a half an hour.

So much for expensive pack 'n plays. So much for expensive toys. Sometimes it is best to amuse oneself with the simplicities that already exist in the world around you. Hence, LAUNDRY BASKET.

Ah, to be a babe...

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megan P said...

Ah I love getting ideas like this!!