Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mac Daddy!

I am so excited. I have been "missing" for a few days because my computer sucks. Well, it did suck. Past tense. The reason it sucked? Because it had Vista as an OS. Then it sucked even more because it got sick with a nasty Trojan virus. Damn virus. So, the virus was the final straw that broke the camel's (computer's) back. Result? New computer. MacBook Pro!!!

Can I just say..I LOVE IT???

The internet is up and ready to go as soon as I turn on the computer. No more fighting. No more wars. No more silly virus. No more more lots of stupid stuff.

Just to put it out there...I will not miss you Vista. You were never my friend. As a matter of fact, I think I always hated you. Jerk.

I am still learning about my Mac. But, we are already fast friends. I think we might even be in love. A little bit. Ok...a lot bit.

Oh, and the old computer was not the only thing that was struck by a nasty virus. A horrible stomach virus hit our house. I mean HORRIBLE. I am not sad to see that go, either. There is seriously nothing worse than being the mom of an infant AND being sick all at the same time. I am glad to report we survived, though. Until the next time, at least.

That is all I have for you. For now I will leave you with just a couple of videos to pass the time. And for you to get your "Finnley fix"...if you were looking for one, that is.

The one video shows Finnley playing in her exersaucer (a bit violently, I might add) and playing one of her new favorite games...blowing spit and spit bubbles all over the place. Fun!

The other video simply shows Finnley still trying to crawl. She has the rocking bit down...only a matter of time, I guess! I look forward to her being mobile simply for the fact that being non-mobile makes her SOOO MAD!! Patience, Peanut...patience...

Well, so long for now. Mac and I will be back soon. We promise.

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megan P said...

I really really love these videos!!