Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Week in the Life...

  • ate, slept, pooped. ate, slept, pooped. ate, slept, and pooped some more.
  • had major diaper blowout. I mean major. MAJOR!
  • spit up on the bead drum during music class at Gymboree.
  • refused to nap. several times.

  • napped a few times only in the afternoon. only for about an hour. whatever.
  • spit up on the mat at the end of play and learn class at Gymboree.
  • screamed while trying to crawl but not being able to crawl. several times.
  • let the dog lick her hand and face after eating. several times.
  • cried for the babysitter. pretty much non-stop. babysitter and baby ended up having to join us out for dinner. good thing the babysitter was our niece. stranger anxiety = fun!
  • played, read, danced, bounced. played, read, danced, bounced. played, read, danced, and bounced some more.
  • spit up on the floor. several times.
  • ate full jar of food during single sitting. several times.

    The good. The bad. The ugly. They all pretty much make up every week in the life of Finnley. When you are as cute as she is, though...the bad and the ugly really aren't that bad or that ugly. It is all pretty much GOOD!
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