Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scooter McScooty Pants

Finnley can sniff out a remote control from 100 feet away. She can also sniff out a telephone. And a plastic bottle. And a catalogue. Or anything else, for that matter. She is just that talented. I really do give her that.

And, although she doesn't "crawl" just yet, she does scoot. Or shimmy. Or self-propel.

She can move 20 feet across the room to find that coveted remote control or other treasure. Not quickly, but she moves.

And, sometimes when she finally reaches that treasure, well, she likes to eat it. Ok, I should clarify. EVERY time that she finds the treasure, she likes to eat it. Now, sometimes when she eats the treasure, she drools. And, sometimes when she finds the treasure and eats it and drools...she also spits up. On the treasure. Like you can see in the pictures here.

Poor remote control. It didn't know what it was in for.

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