Monday, March 01, 2010

Gussied Up

This is a busy time a year for Subaru people in this part of the country...lots of events going on in Philly sponsored by the company. Or at least events in which the company is involved. And, that means we have lots of places to be for which we also need to be gussied up. I have quite the collection of formal dresses thanks to the auto industry over the past several years.

Last time we got dressed up for the black tie preview for the Philly Auto Show. This time it was for the Philly International Flower Show. It really is a great show, especially in the dead of a brutal winter. It almost felt like spring for just a bit.

The best part of the evening? Well, besides the great food. And the free liquor. And the pleasant was the fact that we got to stay out for the whole evening this time!!! Finnley was by no means a perfect angel for the babysitter, but she was good enough that we didn't get called home this time around.


Next weekend we have the American Red Cross Red Ball at the Please Touch Museum. Such a great venue. Only problem? We don't have a babysitter. Who knows if my lovely will be attending by himself. Or if by any luck, we find a last minute babysitter. Or, maybe it really isn't so bad to take an infant to a formal affair? Maybe. We will see!!

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