Friday, April 09, 2010

Just Sayin'

It is Friday morning. And Friday mornings always remind me of what is soon to come in the realm of weekendy-sorts of stuff. Like dinner out. And actually seeing my husband. And time outside as a family. And playtime with the dog. And movies.

Movies. Wonderful wonderful beautiful movies.

Up until last Friday night, though, my lovely and I had not seen a movie OUT... at the theater.... since forever ago. Mostly because we have "heard" that other people frown upon those who do choose to bring babies to the show. (Imagine that! I cannot fathom as to why!) So, anyway, since we do have a baby and all, and we don't often have a baby sitter, we generally do NOT "do" movies.

But, last Friday night was a rarity of sorts, and our niece came out from Villanova to spend some time with her baby cousin. And that meant that my lovely and I could do ANYTHING we wanted for a few hours! Anything!!! However, since we really can do most things with Peanut, we chose to do something that we cannot do with her. Alas, a movie it was. Grennberg, to be more specific. Well, to be absolutely and totally specific, I guess.

Greenberg. Quirky. Off beat. A display of classically endearing neuroticism. Simple. Fun. So many good things wrapped up in a not-the-usual-sort-of-movie for Ben Stiller. We loved it.

What we didn't love, though, was the oddball narcissist a few seats up and over who felt it was his duty to commentate on the movie as it played out. Not just commentate to himself quietly. Not just commentate to his friend who was with him (well, probably because he was alone). But, to blather about loudly and boisterously enough for all of us in "his" surroundings to hear. Commentary such as "Shut up!" And some other ridiculousness that had the word "fuck" in it...but at this point I guess I have tuned it out enough in my memory as to not recall specifically. Because, even though in his narcissistic little bubble everything he had to say was important, I guess I didn't feel the same.

So, what I am trying to get across here is...I know it is not ok to take my baby to a movie, so I don't. Others should be so courteous and know that there exists additional movie-going etiquette that should be considered and followed. Such as: do NOT leave your cell phone on. Seriously! Is this one so hard to understand? (There is always someone. Always.) Do NOT sit directly next to strangers unless there are absolutely no other seats available in the theater. And I mean NO OTHER SEATS! (maybe this one is just my rule?) Do NOT sit directly in front of someone who is much shorter than you are. Really, you should know better!

And...keep your narrow-minded-idiotic-self-indulgent-ignorance spewing commentary to YOURSELF!

Just sayin'...

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