Monday, April 05, 2010


Yep, mobility.

In the past few days, Finnley has perfected her variation on the Army crawl. It isn't a belly crawl. She actually has her full belly off of the floor. But, she still doesn't shimmy with one leg and one arm moving forward at a time. It is both arms. And both legs. In a full on pull. And? It works. Really well. Finnley can move herself all over the floor now. ALL. OVER.

And, with her newfound quicker mobility comes a bit of naughtiness. Ok, not really naughtiness, per se....but instead perfhaps a fully explorative baby that alone can yield all sorts of "trouble".

Today Finnley has followed the dog all over the lower level of the house. She will NOT leave him alone for anything. And when she finds him, she likes to crawl on him. And pull his fur. And grab his paws and legs. And Batman just sits there...waiting for me to tell him what a good boy he is and then for me to give him his due reward.

Finnley has also crawled into the kitchen. And gone under the counter. And played with the bar stool that is housed in that know...normally by itself.

And she has also crawled over to my book "bin" and removed a book. And after doing so she proceeded to pull her high chair tray down from that spot right on top of herself. But, she also managed to get her toys off of the tray, so she just laid there and played with them. With the tray on top of her still.

And? And?? And???? She can pull herself into a stand by holding onto something. Something like a stair. Or an object that isn't good for using to pull yourself up...such as a Fischer Price toy that has wheels...and can move. But, hey, whatever works. The important point being that she CAN PULL HERSELF INTO A STAND! Lord, help us!

In other milestones, Finnley likes to beg just like the dog. Well, mostly like the dog, but without the drool. She does like to find out what is in mommy's bowl, so today she tried blue cheese and (for the second time) ate diced ham. She liked them both. At least she liked them both well enough to not spit them out. And, in the world of actual Finnley food...she tried Gerber Yogurt Melts. And she ate them. Whole pieces of them!

What a big girl. What an inquisitive little mobile stinker of a big girl. No longer can she be left alone to her own devices...because she now has LOTS of devices.

And, I can't help but love her all the more for all of it.


Cindy said...

She is adorable! My little one loves to torture our dog! Thank goodness she can only roll around :)

M and M: said...

Thanks, Cindy! And, what is it about the dogs that they cannot leave them alone? It was fine until Finnley turned the dog is just screwed! Poor Batman!

Sarah @ said...

Isn't mobility awesome?! I feel like I'm always on my toes now, but I just love watching her discover her world and learn new things. Important things like "I do not fit under this chair" and "if I pull fifteen books at once, one of them will probably give me a shiner on the forehead."

Finnley is soooo stinking adorable! I cannot believe how big she's getting!!

M and M: said...

Sarah - thanks for stopping by! And you are so right...I am ALWAYS on my toes. We stop watching her for one second and the next find Finnley trying to pull herself up on a folded up highchair that is on wheels! Discovery is great...but the consequences could potentially be severe! ; )

And, yeah...she is getting big...for her! Only 15 + pounds at 8+ months. Tiny Peanut!!!