Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Sayin'

Ok, so I understand that my baby is still little. And she also doesn't have a full head of silky flowing butt-length hair yet. Or really that much hair at all. Or earrings. Or bubble gum pink nail polish adorning her short cut nails. And, given those things, I also understand that it can sometimes be hard for strangers to recognize that my Peanut is indeed a little Princess...truly a blossoming little girl.

But, other times, it really shouldn't be that hard to tell. It should be blatantly obvious, in fact.

Such as the other day when I took Finnley out shopping with me. And, she was dressed in a hot pink sweatshirt. And had on light pink shoes. And had on a white stretchy hat that included a huge cream colored flower protruding right from the front. And she had on pink socks. And donned a white onesie with hot pink flowers all over it.

And, the lady who walked us to the dressing room asked how old "HE" was. And then said, "Oh, "it" is a "he", isn't "it"?" IT? HE??? Seriously??? In that outfit??? That outfit that couldn't have gotten more pink if an all pink-puking fairy princess came up and vomited right on Finnley's head.

And, I, in all of my 36 years on this planet, have never encountered a mother or father who has dressed their son head to toe in pink and flowers. NEVER. NOT. EVEN. ONCE! Not even for Halloween! Because that is just wrong. All sorts of crazy wrong. The kind of wrong that leads a boy to years of unhappiness followed by years of therapy.

So, in conclusion...some people are either blind or simply stupid. Or perhaps even both. But, this woman led me a very clear path to the dressing room while looking at and pointing things out along the way. So...she wasn't blind. And that folks leaves, well, simply stupid.

Just sayin'...

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I had the same thing happen when Maddie was a baby and was dressed in yellow flowers!!