Sunday, May 02, 2010

Nine Months Old!

Well, she turned nine months old yesterday, but I never got around to posting it! At nine months Peanut is crawling everywhere!!! She also pulls herself into a stand on everything. She has had her first bump and bruise from her experiences in this department. She still doesn't leave the dog alone. And the dog is still the only thing that will make her spontaneously break out into fits of giggles. Lasting, huge fits of giggles.

She says "ba, la, da, and thhhh". She also squeals and screams in delight simply to hear herself make noise. She has five teeth, and number 6 is working on making its appearance in the not so distant future. She is eating her solids still, including some "real people food" like mushed up cauliflower. She also still hates eating anything green that comes squished up out of a jar. Can't say that I blame her! Finn is still long and lean and has pudgy feet...the only pudgy thing on her body! She is a joy and every day brings something new to delight us or her. Love that girl!

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