Saturday, August 14, 2010


Our days are filled with them. Boring ones. Exciting ones. Silly ones. Sad ones. Big ones. Little ones. Wasted ones. Scary ones. Emotional ones. Useless ones. High ones. Low ones. Hysterical ones. Mundane ones.

Moments, moments, moments.

And, I try to embrace them all as the mom of a baby who seems to grow in each and every one of those fleeting and temporary instances. I keep all sorts of them tucked safely inside my pocket so that I might savor each tasty one throughout the days and weeks to come. Finnley is good at creating so many seemingly meaningful snippets in time that my little pockets are well beyond full.

Yesterday after my exercise class when the two of us were just hanging out in the grass chatting with another mom and baby...Finnley decided to play a hugging game with me. A HUGGING GAME! My non-clingy, non-needy, independent little charmer of a lady wanted to HUG ME! Over and over again. That little granule of loveliness was most delicious for me. Sweet sticky indulgent goodness. I still taste it today. Dessert for weeks, if you will.

I see her miniscule synapses firing on a regular basis now, and all sorts of realizations are starting to come together for my sweet little one. These "ah-hah" moments linger with me, too. I can now ask Finnley if she is ready for "nappy time" or for "night night time", and she will respond by making a noise and heading for the stairs. Then she will proceed to take HERSELF up the entire set of stairs and then head directly to her room. All by the mini-person of a self that she is. Because she GETS IT. And, she is ready to sleep. And, you need to go to your room to do that, of course. Amazing!

To think that this is only the start of my baby's second year. Only. the. START! I am not sure my heart and head are capable of handling and processing the immeasurable amount of "moments" that we are yet to share or that I am yet to witness. I am so proud and honored to be a spectator to the undoubtedly intriguing life of Finn.

Being a mom is pretty cool. Being HER mom is especially cool.