Tuesday, September 07, 2010

One of these things is not like the others...one of these things does not belong...

I have to be careful now. Well, really the collective "we" at this household needs to be careful. VERY careful. Careful when it comes to Finnley and certain common items that can she can find around the house. As of late, our sweet girl has become extremely enamored with keys, jewelry, brushes, books, yogurt snack cups, lotion bottles, tank tops...well, you get the idea.

Once she has her hands on something, you really need to follow her around and keep a close watch on her. If you don't, you never know where these items might wind up...or when you might find them or see them again. For example, I didn't realize that I was missing my leather and silver engraved "Mother" bracelet UNTIL I found it in Finnley's toy bin today. And, even though I DID know that she was wandering around chewing on her yogurt cup that she had stolen from the pantry...I DID NOT realize what she had done with it until I saw her playing with her Little People carriage and blocks. See, the cup was hitching a ride in the carriage. (ummm...duh! of course it was!)

The good news with all of this is that Finnley does "put things away" when she is "done" with them. The bad news is that her place in which to put things away can be totally random. Hopefully we will continue to find all of these items. You just never know with that little one, though. She is very busy and very silly. So, I will just keep doing occasional checks of the toy bin, the book crate, the toy containers in general, the dog's water bowl (apparently a good place to put a home phone and battery-operated toys), and all sorts of other nooks and crannies that a wee one can reach. I might just be pleasantly surprised with what I find!

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