Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Out and About

Now that Finnley is getting older and getting her feet a bit more steady underneath her, we are able to take her more places. This past weekend we took her to Smith's Play Place and Playground in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia. It is an amazing place: a mansion built in the 1800s specifically as a place for children to gather and play. It now also boasts 6 acres of playgrounds, all sectioned off into age-appropriate areas. The best part about this place? It is FREE! FREE! FREE! Don't you just love non-profit organizations?!?

We decided to check the whole place out since it was our first trip to Smith's. So, Finnley got to explore the play rooms in the mansion first...but that came to an abrupt end after she tried to eat the 500 year old gray plastic piece of bologna in the grocery area upstairs. That little moment sent daddy right over the edge and convinced him that the outdoors was the place for our sweet toddler. Well, it would be...right after we completely sanitized her hands. ha!

So, outdoors we went to the tot-lot. And, as you can see, our little independent explorer got to have some fun. We look forward to taking her back over the coming years and letting her enjoy all that Smith's has to offer. But, I do think we will primarily stick to the outdoor playgrounds where at least the rain can sanitize the equipment from time to time (and there is no gray plastic bologna with which to contend)!

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