Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sparks of Wonder

We have been very busy these days. Crazy busy. Intentionally busy.

The busier we are, the happier Finnley seems to be. She is content at times to play at home with her toys and to read her books. I love that. However, she is even happier getting OUT anywhere...seeing people, animals, trees, mulch, rubber playground material, really doesn't matter. It is the OUT part that is important to her. It is important to me, too, especially given the fact that Finnley will be an only child. I want her to know the world and the people and things within it. I do not want her to be too attached to me or to her home. A little bit attached is fine (well a lot attached is fine), but I want her to be confident and outgoing, as well.

Hence, our frantic daily busyness.

This past week, in addition to going to Stroller Strides class for me and Gymboree classes for Finnley, we hung out a couple of times at Barnes and Noble with friends and strangers AND attended a 2 year old's birthday party. Finnley loved it all. Her face held the expression of pure joy no matter what we were doing (although, she clearly enjoyed walking around with a fruit strip wrapper or my cell phone at random times).

She is not afraid in the least to interact with others. She does not shy away from exploring new environments and toys. She isn't just "not afraid", she is also having fun. I am so proud. And, I really hope it lasts. Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing the sparks of wonder that daily life brings my sweet little girl.


Anonymous said...

She's a little girl! She has all kinds of time to learn all that. Right now what goes on between the two of you is the most important thing she has going. Trust me. All the rushin' here and there isn't really quality time with her Mommy.

M and M: said...

She definitely has time to learn plenty of things. This is life, after all...and we never stop learning.

But, socialization for an only child is VERY important, even for (or especially for) a toddler. And, all of these places she goes to...HER MOMMY IS WITH HER experiencing everything right by her side. It certainly is quality time for a little girl who LOVES to be out exploring.

As a stay at home mom, I am very lucky to be able to provide quality time at home (reading, snuggling, dancing, walking around the yard) AS WELL as quality time outside of it EVERY SINGLE DAY. And, the only people that can judge the quality of our time spent together is US! We are doing just can trust me on that one.