Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Having a toddler in your home means...

...the plastic air directional for the vents could end up sleeping with the dog

...and the other half of the plastic air directional might be near the vent

...a pink and yellow ball could reside under the wood burning stove

...your floor might look like a toy box vomited all over it

...seriously, ALL OVER IT

...Elmo could be a regular high floating visitor to your ceiling

...Hello Kitty might live in the dining room, along with all of the fancy breakable stuff

...a collapsible tunnel will befriend a ceramic vase

...behind a lovely shower curtain you will find random pinkness and plastic-ness hiding

...and bibs will live with decorative towels

...and towels and bibs will play hide-and-seek behind bathroom doors

...and cabinet doors will always be open so that stuffed roosters can play with migraine and cold meds

BUT, mostly it means that LOVE seemingly drips and oozes from every nook and cranny. I'll take it. I will surely and happily take it all! I am not sure the dog and the rooster are on the same page as me, but we will worry about them later. I think they will be ok.

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