Monday, October 04, 2010

We are not opposed to being "those parents"....

I have entered Finnley into the Gap's casting call competition. Yep. I would exploit my child's pretty face for money. No doubt about it. So, now that we have that ugly business out of the way, why don't you help our cause???

I have entered (ahem) three photos of Finnley for judging. A panel of judges will choose the finalists and the grand prize winners, but, in addition to that, they have created a "fan favorite" competition. Everyday people like you and me vote for this competition, and the winner of this competition will receive a $1000 gift card to Baby Gap. Who couldn't use that? Well, we I know that WE could use it.

How to help? Click on the following link:

Gap Casting Call

Once you are on the page, enter one of the following IDs (found below each picture) into the "enter contestant id" search box in the upper right hand side of the website (within the top blue border). You can vote for either or both pictures once every day.

Here are the photos I entered and their corresponding IDs.

ID number: 169226

ID number: 168948

ID number: 173399

Thanks for your support! Wouldn't Finn just be adorable as a Gap baby? Well, regardless, we sure think she would!

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