Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

My poor neglected blog. I do love it. I want to spend more time with it. It just isn't always easy. I am well-intentioned with poor execution, it seems. I have a lot going on and so much I could write about, but by the time I sit down at 9:30pm with a glass of red wine in my hand...the decompression mode wins over, and the motivation mode loses out.

Health-wise, I have seen better days. I have been struggling with a plethora of undiagnosed symptoms since February. I am functional, but many times I just muster my way through my days...trying to get beyond thinking maybe I am just crazy. I miss feeling good and being without pain and loopiness. I also miss just feeling like "me" instead of the new normal, which is pretty much living under a mysterious cloud of random odd-feelings and sensations. But, who doesn't have issues, right? So, until I see the neurologist at the end of June for a consult, all of that is just what it is.

Finnley has really come into her own as far as being independent and defiant. Tantrums reach defcon-10 without much warning. We are all trying to learn how to cope with these firestorms with little scarring. So far, mostly good. Ah, she is pure spitfire that one. Wallflower with an attitude. Could be worse, I suppose! Better to be passionate than a boring bump on a log.

And, almost every day is still filled with enough funny moments to more than outweigh the trying ones. One day I will have more gumption to speak on some of the less fine moments of meltdowns, but I will save that for a non-holiday weekend. For now, I just want to enjoy. Plus, in less than one week we will be more than engrossed in full-on-Outer-Banksdom so that hopefully those seeing-red toddler tantrum moments of late will seem a bit more humorous than they have right in the heat of it all. Beach vacations are good for cleansing the soul. And for drinking...which, now that I think of it is probably HOW the soul gets cleansed.

For today, I will leave you with my favorite "Finnley Funny". In asking my sweet girl if she needed to go potty, her response was:
"No, I don't need to go potty. I went potty yesterday.".

Well, all righty then...


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