Monday, May 07, 2012

An Overview.

My daughter:
  • loves to watch movies
  • thinks the dog is her brother (as she should, because he is, and that is what we have always told her)
  • says things like, "oh, my...THAT is ADORABLE!"
  • has a tween like attitude housed in a pint sized body
  • sometimes believes that she is (or pretends to be) Strawberry Shortcake
  • laughs a lot
  • makes some horrendously inappropriate decisions at least a couple of times a week
  • lightly slaps me in the face now and again thinking she is charming or funny (of which she is neither)
  • uses the potty regularly, consistently, and happily
  • has one of the best smiles on the planet
  • is learning to pose for pictures
  • recently discovered the term "best friend" and has even used it to describe me, you know, her MOM
  • thinks her daddy is a super hero
  • is both an extrovert and a wall flower
  • has decided that most food is stupid, save mostly for ham, mac and cheese, cereal, fruit, toast, turkey hot dogs, popcorn, and chicken in some random breaded form
  • is as skinny as she is tall
  • has recently thrown such massive tantrums that I may or may not have threatened to leave her on the side of the road / let strangers take her home / or never let her leave the house again
  • continues to get smarter by the day
  • still sounds like she is swearing when she says the words truck and chocolate
  • excels at toddler gymnastics
  • is lucky she is so freaking cute for most of the above-metioned reasons
Regardless of what Finnley is or isn't at any given second, we still make the most of our time together and try to make as many good memories as we can possibly cram into any given week.  Sometimes that means going out on adventures.  Other times it means having a day in to do chores and cuddle up to watch movies together as buddies.  I know that she won't remember the majority of things that we do together at this point.  But I will.  And, I also believe that all of these little moments will assist in shaping who my daughter will be in the future.  I want to provide her with the best chance of being the best her that she can be...whatever it is she dreams up for herself for her future.  I'd like to think that we have had a pretty good start.  

This week's memory building consisted of more beach outings, chalk drawings, running around, movie-watching, the avoidance of sick people, playground meetings, stranger watching, picnics, playtime with friends, sidewalk walking, and one Mom's Night Out.  Here is a peek at a bit of it that was captured on film:

wide eyed kitesP1310663P1310735P1310689
P1310840P1310855P1310865XIX Philly


Karen said...

She is very lucky to have such a wonderful mommy (and daddy). She is such a cutie. We need to Skype again soon.


M and M: said...

thanks, Karen...and, yes, we DO need to Skype again soon!