Friday, December 05, 2008

Fertilization Report - Day 2

The nurse called just a minute ago, and ALL SEVEN of our embryos continue to divide and grow. That is FANTASTIC news! We know that we will NOT be doing a three day transfer, which is great! When they call tomorrow they will have a much better idea when transfer will be. We know that it will take place either Sunday or Monday for sure.

I take my last antibiotic today, and I also started with the crinone (progesterone) gel and the medrol (anti-inflammatory steroid) this morning. The crinone gel will be used every day until the pregnancy test. With a positive pregnancy test, I would need to continue the gel through the 12th week (something we have sadly never seen before). The steroid is just a five day course. I can tell you that it tastes horrible! I need to remember to take it very quickly as to not have the taste left on my tongue! The gel and steroid are both taken in addition to my daily prenatal vitamin. Estrace will be added the day after transfer.

I am feeling better today. Not great. Not my usual "normal" self. But, better! I will take that for now. I am guessing that I will be in good shape by Sunday. Sadly, I think that I will not be attending the Army / Navy game tomorrow...the game that we have been looking forward to for so long. I just don't think I will be comfortable enough standing / sitting / walking for that amount of time. Matt and I think it would probably be best for me to stay relaxed in a warm environment. (Sigh)

And, so we continue on....


rhonda01 said...

I knew you'd have super embryos to choose from!! After all you have a superhero dog and Matt's spermies are way in the league of super hero! You're one step closer Megs!!
So now your body will have a few extra days to rest up.........thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the wonderful embryo report! I was excited to get home from work this morning to read all about it! Now you get to relax for a couple more days before ET. Anxiously awaiting more posts.