Friday, May 29, 2009

Finnley Piper's 3D Ultrasound

Above photo shows a facial shot of Finnley. Look at that adorable little nose!

Above photo shows Finnley with her eye open...staring right into wombland! One hand is covering part of her face.

Wow...what a crazy experience that was! I know this much after having the 3D ultrasound, the fertility clinic did not screw up the sperm sample when creating our embryo that was to become Finnely. She definitely belongs to us. Even in utero, it is more than apparent.

Now, I am not saying that she "has my eyes and Matt's nose"...or anything like that. Nothing physical is usually that obvious in an ultrasound picture. I am speaking of every other aspect about her, though.

For starters, she is "different" already. She is in the "butt down, head up, legs straight up in the air" breech position. (For those having trouble picturing this, just think of how you would get your whole body to form a "V".) Why be normal and comfortable in the womb with just a normal breech position where your head is up and your feet are down? Better yet, why be the most normal with your head down and your feet up? Nope, not good enough for our little girl! Normal is cheap and mundane!

Secondly, she is as stubborn as a mule (think both mom and dad here). This little girl is not at all shy about kneeing me in the ribs, punching me in the gut, or dancing around my uterus on a frequent and daily basis. For this ultrasound, however, the one time where we would have liked to have had her doing ANY of these things...she just wanted to lay there and bask in her own oddness. Luckily, with a TON of poking, prodding, and coaxing by the ultrasound tech (and me changing positions about 12 times), Finnley did move just enough to let us know that she IS indeed a SHE. As the tech put it, she had all girl parts...which, in the words of this highly qualified person, essentially look like a mini hamburger on the screen. Sounds about right. Finnley also briefly cooperated in moving one of her arms just a smidge, at the very last minute, to capture a couple of decent facial shots.

Lastly, and this is the real marker that this child belongs to my husband: she likes to put her foot in her mouth. Now, at this stage of the game, Matt is known to do this in more of a figurative sense than a literal one. (Although, I might pay to see him try it literally!) Finnley is all about being truly literal, though...and those little squishy baby toes were just way too tempting for her to pass up. She allowed us to witness her jamming that foot into her wide open mouth a couple of times, which is unusually easy when you consider the fact that her feet are already hanging out by her head. So, let's also throw in the fact that she is also all about ease and convenience. A true chip off the old M & M block.

After today, I really cannot wait to meet our little girl in person. I know that I have another three months to go, but just having that glimpse of her today makes me so anxious for that time to fly by. Miss Finnley Piper, you are a treasure already!

Above photo shows Finnley with her foot jammed right into her mouth! Each hand is by a cheek, too. Nice work!

Above photo shows Finnley with her foot jammed into her eye. Also, her mouth is gaping wide open. Again...well done!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! those pics are amazing! How can you two contain your joy!?!? I can't wait to meet my little niece and nibble those cute little toes! Enjoy!
Renata and boys.

Megan P. said...

I love the foot shot!!! I am so do I score a 3d????

M and M: said...

Renata - thanks! You will have to stand in line for the toes, though...obviously!

Megan P. - we went to a private u/s facility: Womb With a View. It was worth every penny ($133.75) to get a second gender verification...and to see our little girl's face. So awesome!

- Megan R.

TaranTrav said...

She is beautiful, Megan..can't wait for you guys to meet her!

teridiane said...

Aren't the 3-D's so much fun? We got one too...debated whether or not to do it but so glad we did. It's so weird to look at them now and see how much they really do look like Emilie! Finnley certainly sounds like she may give you guys a run for your money! She's beautiful :)

M and M: said...

Tara and Teri - thanks! and, so glad we decided to do this, too. it was worth it. helps get us through until the next u/s at 32 weeks at the OB's office, anyway! - Megan R.