Thursday, June 01, 2006

The In-Laws

Jerry and Joanne are my in-laws. They still reside in a small town in Ohio. Jerry is a "retired" business owner who enjoys playing gin at the Elks Club. He is an active person who likes to work out regularly to maintain his health. In addition, he tries to travel to Colorado once a year to get in some time on the slopes. His favorite pastime is hosting tailgate parties at The Ohio State University football games. Joanne is a talented artist (water color) and an avid volunteer in her community. She has won the "volunteer of the year" award so many times that is now named after her and given out to other volunteers. Joanne's favorite pastime is trying to convince Jerry not to host OSU football game tailgate parties. Both are wonderful people to have as family.

In addition, Matt has two older siblings. His brother Scott and his family live in Ohio. Scott has two sons, Jameson and Mitchell. His sister Kim lives in Pennslyvania with her two daughters, Catherine and Maggie. Catherine is just finishing up her first year of college...nice job! she only lives at home part of the time.