Thursday, June 01, 2006

NATURE'S CHILD - a poem by Megan R.

The wanton child tipped back her head
To suck the seeping sun
Golden drops of angels' flesh
Ripped through the chosen one
Drowning shadows on mountainsides
Danced to violent thunder hymns
Tripping down paled rays
Hexed by shrilling lightning screams
A rocky crest led to the shore
Swallowed by the light
Solar with lunar havens met
Spitting out the night
Halos wrapped around her head
Stretched taut with clinging bands
Harnessed winds disbanded ties
Cradling her with unseen hands
A hungry cave cut back its grin
Opening wide for its meal
Fate unwove, though shell of life,
The lone morsel stone could steal
Carefree soul now wanders earth
Bonding spirit with the land
Protected by her ancient caller
Separate now from man
Keeper of eternal growth
Meshed tight with flower sheath and tree
Her harboring body trapped forever
But her soul forever free
-Megan R.